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The Lemnos Series
Part one: The Gate of Lemnos

The Gate of Lemnos is the entrance to a new world, one of the wonders of the universe, and Terra's only planetary colony containing alien life forms. Burk has been sent there with a mission to accomplish, and a sinister secret to expose. But there are those who are determined to stop him, those who want to use him, those who threaten him from outside the great spaceship Starstretcher, and those who hinder him within―and no one, NO ONE, can be trusted. And when they reach the Gate itself, what then? A science fiction suspense tale.
Francis Jarman, The Gate of Lemnos
(Lemnos; 1)
Borgo Press, 2011
ISBN 978-1434412355
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And as an Audiobook, read by Jay Rodan
Audible Studios, 2012
ASIN B007CPL65Y (USA), B007D2Q3QS (UK),
B00NMJ4WDC (D), etc.
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The Lemnos Series
Part two: The Call of Lemnos

Burk and his Guardian girlfriend, Milliya, have been sent to the edge of
the universe to Lemnos, Terra's only planetary colony with alien
lifeforms. They have a mystery to solve, but powerful, dangerous forces
are determined to stop them. On the run with false identities, they must
survive in the decadent culture of the Lemnian settlers while trying to
maintain their quest. Meanwhile, a deadly enemy dogs their heels,
determined to stop them at any cost. The second exciting entry into the
Lemnos SF adventure series.

Francis Jarman, The Call of Lemnos
(Lemnos; 2)
Borgo Press, 2013
ISBN 978-1434445940
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"Everyone who enjoyed the adventures of Burk and Milly will really love this second
volume in the Lemnos series. They have some amazing adventures and the icing on the
great-tasting cake is the steamy sex scenes, a decidedly earthy part of this inter-galactic

tale.  A must-read for all science fiction fans―bring  on volume three!"  (Eirinen)
"A delightful read! The author takes us on a journey into the future to the Earth colony on the distant
planet Lemnos. Now there are some writers who would have used this as an opportunity for a lot of
detailed technical gumph about intergalactic travel, but not Francis Jarman. This is his second
suspenseful volume about Lemnos (the first was The Gate of Lemnos). Lemnos, or so we learn inthis dialogue-oriented SF novel, is 'the only other planet in the universe known to have higher
life forms'.  Are they more intelligent and morally superior, by any chance? Not a hope! Lemnos is just

as decadent as England. And so we arrive on the shuttle in Lemnos City ('Or Sin City'), where
'twenty-first century cybersex technology' has become 'orgasm technology', with sensory tricks
delivering all the virtual 'action' you might want. Of course, there's still plenty of flirting and feuding,
dancing and feasting, just like back on good old Earth, but with one problem: the earthlings are being
hunted.  A malevolent killer is on their trail" (Reader)

The Lemnos Series
Part three: The Curse of Lemnos

Returning from the planet Lemnos, Burk and his Guardian girlfriend
Milliya find themselves in mortal danger. The corrupt Terran Government, the ruthless Imperial Council and a sinister revolutionary movement are battling for control of the Empire, and the dark secrets that Burk and Milliya have discovered on Lemnos are the key. Burk must survive encounters with torturers and killers, robots and telepaths, before the truth is revealed in a dramatic public confrontation―with an
unexpected final twist. The third part of the Lemnos SF adventure

Francis Jarman, The Curse of Lemnos
(Lemnos; 3)
Wildside Press, 2016
ISBN 978-1479407965
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Cold from Your Breath

Richard, a young English instructor at a German university (and Conan
Doyle specialist) is asked to help track down a sinister campus
predator. At the same time, Richard himself is being stalked by a
love-sick student. Cold from Your Breath is not only a detective
story, in the unusual setting of German university life; it is also an
erotic novel.

Francis Jarman, Cold from Your Breath
Wildside Press, 2019
ISBN 978-1479448715
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"Just to say that I enjoyed  Cold from Your Breath very much indeed! 'Erotic' is certainly the right adjective. Very clever and well-observed " ("J.").

"It was entertaining!" ("A.")

"I enjoyed the book. Best of all are the daily absurdities of life at a provincial university, the self-importance of the higher echelons, the depiction of the university as a money-burning machine, the crazy research projects, and of course the badly prepared students" ("C.").