A competition!

How do you imagine characters from The Eagle's Wing  and The Hour of the Fox?

Send me your own ideas, as JPG images, to the email address given on the Impressum page. The images can be of original artwork, for example, or photos of real people (but not wearing bow-ties or wristwatches, of course!).

What's important is that you have the rights to the picture, and are willing to allow me to use it on the Characters page of this website; also, if it's a photo of a real person, that they give their permission for it to be used in this way.

All images that I use on the website, even if I use them only briefly and replace them afterwards, will be rewarded with a free copy of part two of the series when it appears; and you will be credited on the webpage (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).

Free copies of my books

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Book launch for India Diversity in Pune

On Sunday, February 19th, 2017, my new book India Diversity, co-edited with Hilda David, was formally launched at an event in the Crossword bookstore at Phoenix Mall in Pune, India. On the podium with the co-editors was Raj Rao, writer, university professor and social activist.