The Gardens of the West
Part two: The Hour of the Fox

Mara has escaped death, and is on the run with the slave-boy Phrygillus.

Thomasius and Manasa are hunting a killer (or is he hunting them?).

Young Aulus is sent on a surprising mission.

Decimus is given his most dangerous assignment yet: to penetrate the intrigue and corruption at the heart of the Imperial court.

And Florianus the court eunuch, surrounded by enemies, is struggling to stay alive.

As Blood-Drinkers close in on the crumbling Western Empire, eyes turn to the East. And a cunning and ruthless player is about to make his own bid for power...

The hour of the fox has come!

Francis Jarman, The Hour of the Fox        
(The Gardens of the West; 2)
Wildside Press, 2018
ISBN 978-1-4794-2935-6
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Cover illustration: Lord Commander Ovidius has made the mistake of marching his troops through the territory of the Free People (p.158).