The Gardens of the West
Part one: The Eagle's Wing

The Empire of the West is in turmoil.
Blood-Drinkers are massing on its northern border, political and religious factions are locked in a struggle for power, and the
Emperor is capricious and sadistic.
Mara, daughter of a chieftain of the Horse People, is abducted by slavers as part of a sinister plot to destabilize the West.
The fast-moving events change the lives of many others, too, including the centurion Thomasius, the slave-girl Manasa, Aulus, good-for-nothing son of a Senator, Florianus the eunuch, and Decimus, enforcer for the only man who can, perhaps, still save
the Empire: the General.
Francis Jarman, The Eagle's Wing            
(The Gardens of the West; 1)
Wildside Press, 2015
ISBN 978-1-4794-0795-8
Available from Amazon and other merchants or direct from Wildside
Cover art: McCarthy's PhotoWorks / Fotolia

"This becomes a book that is difficult to put down. I was sorry to reach the end of the novel, and look forward to reading the next book in the series" (Susan)

"Being that The Eagle’s Wing is the first novel in The Gardens of the West series, we are treated to a heart-fluttering ending that brilliantly paves the way for the sequel. If the first book is anything to go by, then we have a lot of adventure to look forward to in the next" (Mark)